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What Sets The Open Family Office Apart



The Origin Of Family Offices


The first “family offices” in the U.S. were established in the 19th century by some of the country’s wealthiest industrialists. Dissatisfied by the limited offerings of banks and brokerages, these Gilded Age magnates instead chose to assemble their own teams of experts to oversee their finances.

Over the decades, the idea of bypassing Wall Street caught on with entrepreneurs in technology, financial services, and other industries, and the number of family offices grew. Even as their numbers grew over the years, family offices remained cloistered and closed off from the vast majority of families.


Today, WMS is bringing the benefits of a family office to a wider circle of clients.


What We Mean By OPEN



OPEN Planning and Investing Expertise


At WMS, we have 30 years of experience helping families navigate the complexities of their wealth through sophisticated planning and investing. We employ an open approach, partnering with our clients’ accountants, attorneys and other advisors, and selecting the most compelling investments from outside managers.

OPEN Fiduciary Commitment


The second reason why families choose WMS as their advisor is our commitment to clients. From the beginning of our firm in 1993, we have structured ourselves to be our clients’ financial stewards, focused only on helping them live their best lives. That commitment is open-ended; we do whatever is necessary to help our clients, whether that fits into the usual purview of a wealth advisor or not.

OPEN Authenticity of Our People


We only invite professionals to join us who share our values of hard work, meritocracy, respect for others, diversity, and commitment to our communities. Big egos and stuffed shirts need not apply. We understand that the key to successful client relationships is open communication and candor.


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