Sudden Wealth

Navigate Next Steps With The Comfort Of Advice You Can Trust


Individuals and families who are suddenly thrust into the unfamiliar situation of dealing with significant money often feel overwhelmed. The arrival of sudden wealth—whether from inheritance, divorce or other circumstances—brings with it the burden of needing to make important and often perplexing decisions.





WMS is focused on providing our clients with conflict-free and jargon-free advice to help them make decisions easier. We recognize that our industry can be off-putting to many people. As The Open Family Office, we are here to change that.

Clear Reporting 


With increased wealth comes increased complexity. Even knowing what you own and what you owe can be a challenge. We provide our clients with quarterly reports that detail all of their accounts so that they have a clear picture of their financial situation.

Engaging the Next Generation


One of the most important long-term issues for recipients of newfound wealth is preparing the next generation of family members. One of the strengths of WMS is our ability to match a client’s family members with professionals in our firm of the same age. Family members in their 20’s often want an advisor whom they can relate to. Our professional strength runs across generations and makes this possible.