Executives & Entrepreneurs

Helping Wealth Creators


We have clients who create wealth from many industries, from technology to construction, health care, leisure and more. The common thread across these clients is that there is an entrepreneurial mindset that drives them to build businesses, to make the right decisions and to succeed for their family.




Your Personal CFO


Our team at WMS seeks to build a partnership with our entrepreneur and executive clients, where our team becomes an extension of their management team. We use the analogy of the CFO, where you are the CEO and we serve as the CFO for your family’s affairs.

Specialized Tax Strategies


Whether they know it or not, entrepreneurs who are going through an exit event for their company often have the ability to avail themselves of specialized tax-savings opportunities that may reduce or even eliminate capital gains taxes entirely. Our tax experts can employ a number of tax strategies to take advantage of capital gains exemptions and rollover opportunities to make your company exit as profitable after tax as possible.

A Customized Approach to Investing


Entrepreneurs build wealth by identifying unseen opportunities in the marketplace and then seizing on them, not by playing it safe. When we build portfolios for entrepreneurs, we often need to diversify risk away from the entrepreneur’s business. One tool we use frequently is private cash-flow investments, which can provide you better predictability of outcomes compared to the public markets.

Cash-Flow Modeling


Entrepreneurs who have owned a company for years are used to having relatively little liquidity along with a growth engine—their business—to grow their family’s wealth. After selling their business, entrepreneurs often find themselves awash in cash, which can make spending all too easy. We can put together a plan to help you enjoy your wealth and maintain it for decades and generations to come.