Introducing The Open Family Office

About Us

WMS Partners was founded in 1993 as a family office and an alternative for wealthy families to traditional financial-services firms—independent, transparent, and aligned with clients’ interests.

Today, WMS is bringing the benefits of a family office to a wider circle of families.

As The Open Family Office, WMS helps you handle all aspects of your financial life through sophisticated wealth planning, investing and family-legacy advice. Our advisors serve as fiduciaries and financial stewards, so your family can focus on the important things in life beyond money. (What is a family office?)

One of the Top 40 Independent Advisors in the U.S.

--Barron's magazine 2018 rankings

WMS At A Glance


What The Open Family Office Can Do For You


  • Cost-Sensitive Portfolio Customization
  • Custom Asset Allocation
  • Passive- and Active-Strategy Selection
  • Private Investments
  • Tax Efficiency
  • ESG/SRI Investing
  • Consolidated Reporting

Wealth Planning

  • Tax Strategies
  • Cash-Flow Management
  • Risk Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Fringe Benefit and Goal Planning

Family Legacy

  • Family Mission and Values
  • Philanthropic Advisory
  • Family Financial Education
  • Family-Business Consulting
  • Personal Business Services
  • Lifestyle Advisory

Note that each client relationship is different; not all services are part of every relationship.