Multigenerational Families

Advice Built for Generations


Families with enough wealth to last for generations face three distinct sets of challenges.

First, they must structure their assets to grow and transfer assets efficiently.

Second, they need to invest their assets prudently in order to meet current expenses while growing capital for future generations.

Finally, they have to navigate family-governance and personal issues so that the family’s members are as fulfilled and productive as they can be.

As The Open Family Office, we are here to help.



Wealth Planning


We view ongoing, proactive wealth planning as the foundation of the advice we give our clients. As fiduciaries, we do whatever is in our clients’ interests. That commitment often leads us into planning topics well beyond the reach of many other advisors. Examples include helping families purchase an airplane, value an antique and art collection, and managing cash-flow across generations.



We think that the usual “bucket filling” approach to asset allocation leads many advisors to overlook compelling niche strategies that don’t fit into those buckets. At WMS, we seek out select investment opportunities that address client needs, such as cash-flowing private investments. Due to WMS’s substantial asset base, we are able to gain our clients access to private investments that are not available elsewhere.

Family-Legacy Advice


We believe that once families are well planned and well invested, there’s a remaining gap that families need their advisors to help them fill. At WMS, we call it family-legacy planning. Family-legacy advice focuses on helping your family be as happy and fulfilled as you can be. Key elements include: Establishing your family mission and values; hosting family meetings; creating a philanthropic plan; educating family members on financial matters; lifestyle advisory; and other family office services.