Opening Up the Benefits of a Family Office Advice on Wealth Planning, Investing and Family Legacy

What We Do

As The Open Family Office, we help you handle all aspects of your financial life through sophisticated wealth planning, investing and family-legacy advice. Our advisors serve as fiduciaries and financial stewards, so your family can focus on the important things in life beyond money.

Our Services


  • Cost-Sensitive Portfolio Customization
  • Custom Asset Allocation
  • Passive- and Active-Strategy Selection
  • Private Investments
  • Tax Efficiency
  • ESG/SRI Investing
  • Consolidated Reporting

Wealth Planning

  • Tax Strategies
  • Cash-Flow Management
  • Risk Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Fringe Benefit and Goal Planning

Family Legacy

  • Family Mission and Values
  • Philanthropic Advisory
  • Family Financial Education
  • Family-Business Consulting
  • Personal Business Services
  • Lifestyle Advisory

Note that each client relationship is different; not all services are part of every relationship.