Professional Services Practitioners

Serving Professionals Who Serve Others


From our earliest days, WMS has served a variety of professional-services practitioners—attorneys, architects, consultants, doctors and other medical professionals, among others. While these fields differ considerably, they all require technical expertise and trustworthy advice, qualities that WMS clients appreciate in us.



Ongoing Wealth Planning


Our process starts with an open approach to financial planning that includes estate, tax, risk- management, and cash-flow planning. As opposed to a check-the-box approach, we view planning as the fabric of our ongoing relationship with clients.

Uncompromised Open Architecture


We do not manage our own mutual funds, nor do we have any financial incentives to choose one investment product over another. We think that’s a good thing, as it keeps us objective when building portfolios. We select public and private investment managers who are brought to us by our clients and professional network.

Aligned Incentives


We are a fee-only firm and do not have any incentives to sell certain “products” through commissions or kickbacks. The fees our clients pay us are the only compensation we receive. Having aligned incentives means that we are able to provide you with objective guidance on which solutions best meet your needs.

Proprietary Investment Process


We have developed a proprietary approach to asset allocation and portfolio construction that is based on common sense and true diversification, not economic forecasting or style boxes. We seek to minimize taxes and costs for clients, while also taking advantage of opportunities in niche strategies and private investments.