Lesa Crosser, AWMA®Client Advisor, Portfolio Manager


Lesa is a Client Advisor and Portfolio Manager, whose expertise includes investment management, wealth planning and life goal planning. She is also the Director of Wealth Advisory Services, helping to lead the firm’s advisory teams in strategy, development and execution. She also serves on the firm’s Investment and Operations Committees.

Lesa is an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor® and her concentration is multi-disciplined, the scope of which includes wealth management, investment policy and strategy, portfolio management, and comprehensive financial planning. She is fluent in investment management and portfolio design. She also works with clients to develop holistic, personalized financial plans that continue to evolve over working years into and through retirement. She feels strongly that all elements of wealth management, from investments and cash flow planning to insurance, tax and estate planning, paired with life stages, life events, lifestyle and life objectives, must be addressed to successfully accomplish the goals for one’s wealth. Lesa is passionate about providing practical financial education, with the belief that helping people make sound financial decisions throughout life will have a lasting beneficial impact on their tomorrows and what they wish to achieve.

Lesa has worked in the financial services industry for close to twenty years. Prior to joining WMS Partners, Lesa was a financial advisor with RBC Wealth Management, working with high net worth individuals and families. Lesa also practiced wealth management and financial consulting at Smith Barney and Legg Mason, working with affluent clients and institutional investors. A Baltimorean most of her life, Lesa is active in several local volunteer organizations. She is a member of the Board of Trustees and Investment Committee for Caroline Center, and a member of the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center Advisory Council.

What do you like best about being part of the WMS team?

The firm is comprised of an extremely creative and talented group of individuals, whose collective commitment to our clients and craft is rare. We all bring high degrees of specialized skill to the client experience, and we confidently rely on each other. For me, it’s like being on a world class professional sports team. We share a common goal and give our all, every single time. We challenge and care for one another, and I am better because I am here. We strive for excellence because the clients we serve deserve our best. The great part is ending each day knowing we’ve done good work and that we’re helping people in meaningful ways.

What qualities do you possess that make you successful in your role?

I care strongly for people and am driven to understand others. I have a high regard for the work and discipline required to build wealth, and a deep appreciation for being entrusted with caring for a family’s wealth. Our savings, regardless of where we are on life’s path, has a significance that is unique to ourselves. It may represent sacrifice, a life’s work, goals and dreams, security, or making a difference, for example. I place exceptional importance on understanding those unique feelings, as well as the responsibility I am charged with to protect.  I am also sort of a math and numbers enthusiast, and I really enjoy working through the complexities of a financial situation to organize, clarify, and create solutions that help to eliminate uncertainty and provide peace of mind.

What’s the most influential book you’ve read?

The Holy Bible. The history that is chronicled is fascinating, and there are principles in some of the scriptures that are timeless and just work. I also love the satire of Dickens, and I would include Great Expectations, because of the appreciation for literature the novel inspired. Another compelling work that comes to mind is Unbroken; a captivating story of the human spirit, and not a book you would easily forget. Did the question say books???


Anything with my family! My daughters are the light of my life. Our outings are usually saturated with laughter and I cherish the time I spend with them. I also love to travel with my husband. We like to explore new destinations on our own, meandering off the beaten track to really get a feel for the local soul. Some memorable weekends have been spent surrounded by the entire family and friends, sharing prized recipes, good wine and treasured stories!