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WMS partners Recognized by Citywire & FA Magazine

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WMS Partners is pleased to announce that it has been recognized by Financial Advisor magazine as one of America’s Top-Ranking RIA firms in 2022 (see the full ranking here) and Citywire as a top RIA firm for growth in 2021 (see the full article here).

Financial Advisor ranked firms from largest to smallest, based on AUM reported by firms to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  Each firm completed a survey for consideration on the list, which was based on 12/31/2021 AUM.

To develop their list, Citywire used publicly traded data provided by Discovery Data.  They focused on financial planning-oriented RIAs and looked at growth in 2021 across 3 categories: percentage growth in AUM, monetary growth in AUM, and percentage growth in employees.  They combined these three categories into a single measure of growth.

Neither Financial Advisor, Citywire, nor Discovery Data received a fee in exchange for considering or listing WMS in its rankings.