Wealth Management

At WMS Partners we define wealth management by these few basic tenets:

  • Consistent with client interests, we are a fee-only, independent advisor and our allegiance rests with our clients. We are compensated only by our clients and not by any financial incentives from product providers.
  • Our duty is to serve our clients’ best interests, and we treat each client’s issues as if they were our own.
  • We coordinate and take responsibility for all aspects of a client’s financial life, consistent with his or her financial goals.


Investment Approach


We work with our clients to address their specific financial objectives and budgets as our first step in building their investment portfolio. This process allows us to relate their goals directly to their customized investment allocation. As a result, we understand the amount of risk necessary to succeed while often reducing volatility in the process.

Strategic Thinking

We create investment portfolios with the understanding that we live in a global economy and our views should incorporate an understanding of the current environment. By taking a thematic approach to diversification we are able to tilt the portfolio in favor of our highest convictions.

Objective Implementation

We utilize the most efficient vehicles (from both a cost and tax perspective) to achieve our clients’ investment goals. Our independence allows us to stay unbiased to the types of strategies and securities we utilize to achieve our clients’ goals.

Flexible Portfolio Management

We are continuously evaluating our clients’ portfolios with the idea of ensuring that the portfolio represents the appropriate risk-reward balance for the current economic environment. Many other advisors use strict models and they ignore the prevailing economic environment. Our approach to asset allocation adapts to help mitigate detrimental behavioral tendencies and better diversifies an investment portfolio to enhance performance across many economic climates.

Team Approach

Our investment committee is staffed with highly qualified members, with complementary skills. The committee members are responsive to and highly motivated to fulfill the core mission and strategy of the firm, being stewards for our clients’ wealth. The committee has instituted a disciplined decision-making process that is efficient, informed, prioritized, and accountable.

Always Seek Value

The discipline of paying the right price for a security and being mindful of valuation is grounded in our security and asset allocation decisions.


Innovative Alternative Strategies

Due to our substantial asset base, our clients gain access to alternative strategies that are not available to most investors. Many of these strategies involve investing in asset classes that generate cash flow. These strategies include cash generating private equity, private real estate and discounted cash flow streams that are not traded on Wall Street exchanges. Over time these strategies provide an anchor in our client portfolios from which we can provide stable and consistent returns.

WMS Partners believes that investment strategies no longer fit neatly within traditional asset class categories. By recognizing this evolution, we believe we have achieved a more logical framework for incorporating investment strategies in a portfolio.

We classify allocations according to the role they play in an overall portfolio, in terms of both their exposure and their contribution to risk. A stable Core Portfolio is the foundation of our approach to asset allocation and may include assets that have a very low or no correlation to equity and/or bond markets.


WMS Partners Portfolio Design

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