Whom We Help

At WMS Partners, our focus has always been to build intimate client relationships.  Clients often find us via a significant life event and no two client engagements are alike.  Many find it interesting that WMS’ clientele includes individuals currently working in the investment management industry.  Recognizing our conflict free approach and the benefits of diversification, they enjoy gaining access to investments otherwise unavailable to most investors.

Typically our services appeal to those in one of the following phases of the wealth cycle:

Family Office – Multi-Generational Wealth

Family Office services for those who have amassed substantial wealth and need a partner to help with wealth planning and investment management for current and future generations.

We currently act as the Family Office for over two dozen families with assets ranging from twenty million to over half a billion dollars.  WMS Partners’ breadth of expertise, flexible approach and understanding of the complexities facing affluent families makes us an ideal partner for those seeking a discreet and highly experienced team.

Emerging Wealth

Active professionals in the accumulation phase who often have high current income or are in the process of creating wealth inside of their businesses:  Entrepreneurs, Executives, Family Business Owners, Medical & Professional Practice Groups.

Financial Independence

Individuals or families who have accumulated wealth and are approaching the distribution phase when they will need to access their life savings to help replace their paycheck and create a legacy for the next generation.

Sudden Wealth

Individuals or families impacted by inheritance, sale of a business,  the loss of a spouse, or a divorce.