Pace KessenichPartner, Senior Client Advisor


Pace serves as a Senior Client Advisor and Head of the Private Equity Team for WMS Partners.   In his role as Senior Client Advisor, Pace works closely with clients to understand their specific financial objectives and develop strategies to meet these objectives.

Pace graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. While in the Navy, he received a Master of Science degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Industrial and Management Engineering. In addition, he received his Master of Business Administration from Columbia University with a concentration in Finance.

Pace was a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy where he served as the Engineer on the nuclear powered submarine USS Baton Rouge (SSN 689).

Previously, Pace was a Financial Advisor at UBS Financial Services and worked in private equity as a Vice President at Townsend Capital and an Associate at Sterling Venture Partners. He was the President of CEMCOM Corporation, a start-up venture in the plastics industry.

Prior to joining the business world, Pace was the head lacrosse coach at Colgate University.  Combining his passion for lacrosse and service to the community, Pace has been a volunteer coach and board member since 2010 with Charm City Youth Lacrosse, a nonprofit lacrosse program for Baltimore City youth.

What made you decide to pursue a career in wealth management?

I decided to pursue a career in wealth management because I wanted to be in a profession where I had interaction with clients on a personal and intimate level and I wanted a career that I could use my analytical abilities.  Discussing one’s wealth is a very personal thing and it involves a lot of trust on both sides of the conversation.  I felt my background in the Navy instilled in me an appreciation for trust, honesty, and doing the right thing.

What do you like best about being a part of the WMS Partners team?

I love the fact that we are a team and that we all contribute to servicing our clients.  Having been involved with athletic teams my whole life and with my service in the Navy, teamwork is something that is very important to me. WMS Partners is a perfect example of how a team can work together for the good of our clients and to meet their goals.  Everyone’s input is valued at WMS Partners.

How do you want your clients to view their wealth?

Wealth for wealth’s sake is meaningless unless the wealth has a purpose.  I enjoy talking with clients on what is the objective for the wealth that was created and how does the family plan on using the wealth in the future.  For some families, the wealth allows them to live a lifestyle they have dreamed of for themselves and their family members.  Others want their wealth to help their community or to provide education for others and some want to leave a legacy for future generations of their family.  I love the conversation on how the client intends to use his or her wealth and the purpose of the wealth created.

What do you love to do outside of work?

I love to coach youth lacrosse.  I currently coach my son’s club team and I coach for Charm City Youth Lacrosse, which is a non-profit organization that provides lacrosse skills training, league play, and mentoring to underserved Baltimore City youth at no cost.  It is an opportunity to use the game of lacrosse to connect to boys and provide a positive environment to play a great game.  Youth lacrosse in my mind is more about character building and skills development than wins and losses.  It is the skills development and character building that gets me jazzed about the game of lacrosse.