Focused on Results

WMS Partners was founded in 1993 on the principles of providing our clients with the same level of service that a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) would dedicate to a successful corporation.  As your advocate and central point for financial affairs, we work pro-actively with your service providers, including accountants, attorneys, consultants, insurance professionals and philanthropic advisors.

WMS Partners Wealth Advisory Services

Financial Planning & Cash Flow Management

  • Regular Balance Sheet and Net Worth Statement updates
  • Integration of all assets including employer plans, stock options, restricted stocks, annuities, and alternative assets
  • Retirement planning and cash flow analysis
  • Coordinate account withdrawals and money transfers
  • Process and monitor account distributions
  • Banking and credit management

Family Business Consulting & Personal Business Services

  • Strategic planning
  • Business continuity planning
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Succession planning
  • Governance
  • Bill paying & Mail handling
  • Virtual secrecy

Estate Planning

  • Active and ongoing estate tax mitigation strategies
  • Review of estate and trust documents including cash flow analysis and flow chart
  • Coordination with estate attorneys to develop, implement, and monitor estate plan
  • Accounting for estate planning strategies

Investment Management

  • Investment policy creation based on risk tolerance and goals
  • Strategic asset allocation including active and continuous portfolio monitoring
  • Investment consulting
  • Alternative investment analysis and due diligence

Risk Management

  • Insurance needs analysis
  • Review insurance policies including life, long-term care, health, homeowners, auto, and umbrella liability coverage

Tax Planning & Accounting Support

  • Active and on-going tax management
  • Review of personal income tax returns
  • Cost basis tracking for all assets including homes

Personal Foundation Services and Philanthropic Advisory

  • Foundation creation and management
  • Manage and administer grant requests
  • Conduct annual review of grantees
  • Vetting of non-profit organizations

Fringe Benefit & Goal Planning

  • Review stock option strategies
  • Review existing corporate benefit and compensation package and integrate with personal financial plan
  • Education planning, implementation, and monitoring

Family Education

  • Articulation of family values and legacy
  • Facilitation of family meetings
  • Multigenerational family wealth education


Transparent and Comprehensive client reporting is at the heart of our service offering.  Our reporting is tailored to meet each clients specific needs.  Below are a few examples of where we can help simplify a clients reporting needs:

  • Consolidated Investment Reports
  • Family Balance Sheets
  • Insurance Diagrams
  • Performance Reviews
  • Tax & Gift Tracking

  • Insurance Summaries
  • Goal Reporting
  • Estate Diagrams
  • Long-term Cash Flow Scenarios