True Wealth Management Based on Shared Values

About Us

WMS Partners was founded in 1993 on the principles of providing our clients with the same level of service that a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) would dedicate to a successful corporation. As your advocate and central point for financial affairs, we work proactively with your service providers, including accountants, attorneys, consultants, insurance professionals and philanthropic advisors.

We are large enough that we provide exposure to many unique ideas and strategies in the investment, estate, tax, financial advisory and risk management arena; but small enough to provide discreet individualized guidance.

At WMS Partners we define wealth management by these core values:


We always strive to eliminate conflicts of interest that could interfere with our advice to clients.  Consistent with client interests, we are a fee-only, independent advisor and our allegiance rests with our clients. We are compensated only by our clients and not by any financial incentives from product providers.

Client Focused

The small number of significant relationships we serve allows us to truly focus on each client and establish intimate, long-term relationships.


We seek out the most creative solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.  Innovative solutions for clients always trump a cookie cutter approach.  This is reflected in our private alternative investment strategies, our estate tax planning concepts, our client reporting and our multi-generational approach toward families.


Our approach is holistic and we strive to become the “Chief Financial Officer” to our clients.  Our duty is to serve our clients’ best interests, and we treat each client’s issues as if they were our own.


With rare exceptions, our clients are individuals and families, not institutions.  Our core strength is in advising high net worth families on the wide range of financial issues that impact them.  Our advice is customized and tailored to the client’s needs and is based upon a relationship founded on shared values and mutual respect.


We surround the client with a team of professionals perfectly suited to meet the needs of each relationship.  By allowing the employees of WMS Partners to work with a diverse group of clients, partners and relationship teams, we build stronger professionals.


Continuity is a cornerstone of the future at WMS Partners

Ownership spanning three generations